Getting Start :

The FX Trading Empire is excited to have you as a part of our group, and we all wish to say, “LETS MAKE SOME PIPS!” With that out of the way, there are many things YOU need to do to prepare yourself for this service. Accomplishing ALL of the things listed below will help you take full advantage of our services, and will make you a successful independent trader that much quicker.

  • The first thing you should do is view a summary of the automated course below and watch a few videos.
  • Next, if you are unsure where to start in the course, we recommend starting with the 500 & 600 series.
  • After you are familiar with the basics of the 500 & 600 series, you are ready to attend our live check down sessions.
  • As you attend live session, we would recommend reviewing the recorded class as often as time permits to continually
    reinforce your trading education.

Once again, we want to remind you that accomplishing ALL of the things listed above will help you take full advantage of our services, and will make you a successful (profitable) and independent trader that much quicker. If you have any questions, PLEASE contact us!!!

Summary Of The Strike Zone Trading Course:

  • 100 Series:
     Includes our 100+ need to know terms for forex. These videos are designed for those new to forex, however they are presented in a way that if you are experienced in forex, it is a good 'fine tuning' of your forex vocabulary knowledge. Also, we explain the way we use the terms throughout the course. It is a 4 part video series. Video 1 deals with the very basics of forex (such as: leverage, margin, position size, etc...). Video 2 - 4 deal more with the terms we will be using throughout the course as well as how we use them.
  • 200 Series:
     Strike Zone Trading recommends the use of MetaTrader 4 for a trading platform. It is free and is offered by almost every broker. If you need some help selecting which broker to trade with, we give you some questions to ask, and some facts to research before doing so. Also, if you need help getting to know your MT4 platform, we cover the basics and need to knows about the platform. Also, we cover how to use the MT4 tools we have provided you with.
  • 300 Series:
     Covers the 4 type of analyses & the 4 types of traders. We then relate which analyses go with each type of trader. These videos are designed to help you decide when and how you are going to trade.
  • 400 Series:
    Introduces the 'Strike Zone' method. We break down how we use technical analysis by explaining our indicators true purpose. We then go into depth on the different indicators we use and how they lead us to Strike Zones. We also show the different indicators on different time frames.
  • 500 Series: Expounds the 'Strike Zone' method. We break down the basic candle formations we use at Strike Zone Trading. The break down includes the rules for each candle formation, where we look for them and how we enter on each of them. We then break down how we set Strike Zones. This series concludes with recognizing candle formations within Strike Zones.
  • 600 Series:
     Breaks down the pattern we are looking to trade. This video breaks down the predictable Market Maker pattern and all of its components as well as it's under lying factors.
  • 700 Series: Introduces the 3 principles we will be covering in the following series. We give a short brief description of what will be covered in each of the following videos.
  • 800 Series:
     Breaks down principle 1 - Entries. We first share each entry in powerpoint form, we then revisit the candle formations taught earlier in the course and break down how to enter on each and then apply the information to the charts.
  • 900 Series:
     Breaks down principle 2 - Exits. We first share each exit in powerpoint form, then break down how we would exit each trade on the charts while reviewing how we enter the trade first.
  • 1000 Series:
     Breaks down principle 3 - Management. We first cover the seven facets of management, then break down risk management and conclude by applying all three principles within the charts.
  • 1100 Series:
     Concludes the course by introducing the Trading Cycle. This video is almost a part 2 for the 700 series. We review the 3 principles as well as the 'Strike Zone' method.

Summary Of A Complete Trading Plan:

  • The importance of using your Written Plan as a literal treasure map to your success through following the simple 4-Step revolving knowledge cycle in Lesson 1: Getting Started on the Right Foot
  • The game-changing process of trade-typing yourself to maximize the 24-Hour Trading Cycle by optimizing your Check Down Times and the currencies you trade in Lesson 2 (Part 1 of 2): A New Trading Agenda
  • How to select your support team, how they can help you, how to be accountable to yourself and your team, and how to schedule your time within your new plan in Lesson 3 (Part 2 of 2): A New Trading Agenda
  • How to master Risk Management with one simple guideline - Strike Zone Trading’s algorithm(s) in Lesson 4 (Part 1 of 2): A Design for Fortune
  • Pick your algorithm (conservative to aggressive or create your own) for your success blueprint in Lesson 5 (Part 2 of 2): A Design for Fortune
  • The importance of Every Day Drills (EDD’s) and how to schedule them into Your Written Plan in Lesson 6 (Part 1 of 2): A Necessary Exercise
  • Exactly how to perform your simple yet incredibly powerful EDD’s, including Directional Bias, Strike Zones, and the Candle Pattern Spreadsheet in Lesson 7 (Part 2 of 2): A Necessary Exercise
  • The meaning of discipline as the rubber meets the road when you commit to your new Complete Trading Plan by following your Checklist for Success in Lesson 8: The 21 Day Commitment
  • Congratulations! Once you have mastered this cash flow generating knowledge (which will mean studying and applying these lessons multiple times), you will conquer one of the three principles you must master for success (in any venture) - Your Written Plan.